Come Away With Me, My Beloved

Come away with me, my beloved!

Can’t you see, I have loved you for so very long now?

A delight you have been to me!  My heart is filled beyond unspeakable measures when you share yourself with me.  Your openness and vulnerability compel me even more to wrap you in tender mercy and to look deeply into your luminous eyes and tell you that I love you.  I yearn for those times when you yield in your weakness to the strength I can give you.  My heart thunders with pride when I hear you call out my name.  When your gaze, your heart and your mind have me captured in their focus,  my beloved,  you have more beauty than creation itself and more power than the air you breathe.  Jealousy and anger play havoc for I know there are others who vie for your attention.

I have laughed with you through your discoveries of the pleasures and treasures of love.  The world radiates with fire, passion, color and beauty when your inquisitiveness and curiosity lead you.  I have wept with you through your loss of innocence and your  exposure to the pain and the trials of life.  Those tears that you have secretly shed, those hidden bruises that have marred your soul, the despair of lost hope and faith have not gone unnoticed.  Oh, my beloved, how can they be unseen and how could I carelessly turn away when it is  you that I long to share myself with?  There is no one like you and I love you just the way you are.  When you turn your face up to me and I see the smile in your eyes and on your lips, my heart plays a melody that even the angels cannot sing. 

I  have watched you become more than just a product of life and a consequence of love.

I have watched you become a woman of life and love itself. 

 Can’t you see, I have loved you for so very long now?

Come away with me, my beloved.


4 thoughts on “Come Away With Me, My Beloved

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