You Come to Me Like a Raindrop

You come to me like a raindrop

out of a clear blue sky

while the scorching sun bears down.

Tapping me on the shoulder,

running quietly down my breasts and into my heart,

taking my breath away,

holding me prisoner in the moment of sweet release and freedom. 



Take my hand,

hold it wherever you go.

Let the strength that flows between us

keep you safe as you live, work and love.


Let it spur you on

when you are ready to give up,

when you are tired,

when you are lonely and alone.


Let it hold you fast

when they beat you down,

when they misunderstand you,

when you are rejected and broken.



The raindrop that falls

from the clear blue sky

while the scorching sun bears down

brings life for the soul. 


Let it wash over you,

cleansing the bitterness,

healing the wounds,

nourishing the spirit.


 Let it rain. 


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