Things That Trigger Me Into …

Triggers tell people to “do it now!”

as quoted by Dr. BJ Fogg on the Fogg Behavior Model.  The target behavior will not happen without a trigger, according to Dr. Fogg. 

Cloaked in elements of vulnerability, warmth, humor and mystery, below you will find a rather frank exposition of my personal disposition. 

In other words, things that trigger me into …

… happiness and pleasure:

  • singing hymns and praise songs
  • going on day trips
  • decorating anew a home, a room or a work space
  • baking favorite recipes
  • creating a new outfit at minimal cost
  • enjoying koinonia at coffee shops, waiting areas, parks …
  • listening to smooth jazz
  • cooking an edible meal
  • playing with a child of wonder
  • hearing a certain voice
  • writing stories that inspire
  • experiencing new eating places
  • observing people in a high-traffic setting
  • sharing about the Lover
  • exercising and dancing in my way
  • reading love stories
  • sharing inside jokes and common humor
  • watching a person when the light comes on
  • receiving an unexpected bargain
  • investing in friends
  • living without “insufficient notices”
  • eating favorite foods and desserts, more so if it is free
  • sneaking away unobserved
  • sending notes of encouragement anonymously
  • snoring–well, having the opportunity to sleep– for eight to ten hours

Triggers tell people to “do it now!”

contentment, peace, joy, hope, faith and freedom:

  • singing hymns and praise songs of the Lover
  • reading letters and notes from the Lover
  • studying about, learning from and talking to the Lover
  • writing inspiring stories about the Lover
  • investing in relationships based on the Lover
  • listening to teachers of great wisdom and character of the Lover
  • enjoying koinonia with people of contentment, peace, joy, hope, faith and freedom

frustration, bitterness, cynicism, fear, depression, hopelessness:

  • being limited in exposure to the things that trigger happiness, pleasure, contentment, peace, joy, hope, faith and freedom
  • frequent sharing in activities with and being under the influence of people who live in frustration, bitterness, cynicism, fear, depression and hopelessness
  • being controlled and manipulated into a box of another’s creation 
  • being pushed to meet the expectations and values of others
  • being limited by the fears and insecurities of others

What triggers you?

The opening quote above by Dr. BJ Fogg can be found at:


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