A Gem Uncovered

A gem uncovered.

Otherwise known as finding something valuable again, quite by accident, that had slipped through the fingers of your memory, that is a gem uncovered.  Evidently, I had posted this as a bio somewhere and only just became re-acquainted with it as I am searching diligently for access to an account that was rashly deleted.  Read on for a fresh post of an old, quite old, train of thought…

On my drive home from a day trip to visit out-of-state family members with the full moon glowing above and “warm fuzzy” songs playing on the radio, review of a phone call put me in quite a contemplative mood. I kept my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road but my thoughts were traveling a different path. The phone call had come through to me at my mom’s house less than an hour before. This was an unplanned visit and receiving a phone call there was a surprise to say the least. The surprise quickly became a blessing as the caller had been a Sunday School teacher of mine from years past, many years past…as in almost 30 years ago. We talked a bit, catching up on current events and a few laughs, making promises to meet for dinner soon with his wife and my parents. He ended the conversation with these words, “I am proud of you, I always have been, and I want you to know I love you”. Warm memories came flooding in and enveloped me much like the night air caressed and the moon illuminated. I thought of this man’s sentiments toward me and this man’s lifestyle that was different from mine. I quickly acknowledged that what he has is what I want. He has someone to call his own (his growing family) and his very words and actions portrayed the pride and contentment of a simple and satisfying life of taking care of those whom he loved. What I want is someone to call my own (otherwise known as a husband), who unashamedly whispers to me at the end of the day, “Debbie, I want you to know I am proud of you and that I love you”. What I want is someone to call my own, whose very words and actions portray pride and contentment of a simple and satisfying life of taking care of me and receiving those precious gifts in return from me as well. I cannot describe that man physically nor can I define the type of home, occupation, salary, or location that he may bring with him. But I can tell you that the man would have to be strong in character and integrity, able to laugh easily, teachable and hungry to grow in wisdom and maturity, responsible, response-able, passionate … and totally snookered by me!

Hmmm, I wonder how many more gems I have in hiding that need to be uncovered?


2 thoughts on “A Gem Uncovered

    • Thank you very kindly! I reread that a few times when I found it; I couldn’t believe that was buried somewhere. It is safe to say it was originally written between 2006-2009. I wait still to uncover a lot of gems, including enjoying the marriage supper with the Lover, my Perfect Husband and the marriage supper with my earthly lover, my earthly husband.


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