Within This Home …

Within this home …

… is the glow of candlelight and the peaceful hush of serenity. The door is shut, the drapes are drawn and the world disappears. The only noise that competes for our attention is the sound of our racing hearts. Indeed, it is not noise but the music of love, wonder and passion.

Within this home …

… there are neither skeletons of unmet expectations nor dark corners of disappointment. Within this home is a safe haven for two hungry, curious and free souls to feast, to discover and to explore. Within this home is a bed made softly enveloping with humility, yet firmly comforting with commitment and seductively inviting with passion.

Within this home …


4 thoughts on “Within This Home …

    • Shadows of Love was created to draw people in to look at a relationship based on the Lover, a relationship that is dynamic and experiential, personal and practical.

      The stories and ramblings I post are written from a heart that has been touched by the Lover. These stories reflect what is real for me on any given day or night; they are expressions of joy and pain, victories and losses, struggles and accomplishments, questions and answers. These stories are written with the same intensity, intimacy and passion as the experiences themselves; these stories are written with the same intensity, intimacy and passion that I’ve experienced with the Lover. The stories of my life are but shadows of Love.

      May you be challenged as the Lover pursues you in the stories of your life. May you be challenged to be caught by the Lover as you have been stirred by the stories you read here.


      • You may post this or delete it as you see fit.
        I know that Christ is portrayed in Scripture as the groom and we the body are the bride, but I must confess that I have never been entirely comfortable with the description. Still, I recognize that is designed to analogize the depth of intimacy of our relationship with the Lord.
        Just so you know where I’m coming from, it is my understanding that The Lover is your euphemism for the risen savior, Jesus Christ. I hope I’m not misreading you, but in my perception you sometimes write with deeply romantic feelings. I can’t reconcile romantic feelings with my Savior, but I do seek depth and intimacy, which in my mind is not the same thing.
        Again, it may be my perception, but sometimes your posts appear to blur the line between your earthly passions and your spiritual ones.


        • I can appreciate your honesty and humility in what you’ve shared. Perhaps the line between my earthly passions and my spiritual ones are blurred.

          Indeed my posts are a reflection of the stories of my life–what is real for me, a public display of my experience of life. The stories are not meant to inflame, defame or offend; my apologies if they are perceived in a manner that it does. I neither defend or justify the postings, for they are simply my stories; nor do I withdraw under guilt , shame or condemnation, for they are simply my stories.


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