Emptiness or Solitude?

The emptiness of aloneness becomes a vacuum for loneliness.

What once was there is now absent. 

What never was solidifies into reality from the whispers of fantasy.

Every viewpoint reflects the self as the center.

Every point of view is self-serving.

The solitude of aloneness becomes a platform for discovery.

What once was there becomes the pavers of today and into tomorrow.

What never was fades away, giving way to freedom and abandonment. 

Every viewpoint is on the kingdom of the Lover.

Every point of view centers on the Lover.


2 thoughts on “Emptiness or Solitude?

    • It is easy sometimes to let aloneness become a void of emptiness but how sweet it is to have solitude and yes, we move closer to the Lover. It is that sweet experience that turns koinonia into a celebration. Koinonia, something else we need as well, yes?


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