Within Shadows of


lives within shadows of 

fear, control, jealousy.

The one insecure

is the captive held.

Neediness, outbursts, tears, tantrums are the threads

of the web to lure, seduce and imprison passers-by.

The one held captive with those who are loved become prisoners

of a tangled web of pride and weakness,

feeding upon itself until all life is strangled;

its victims grasping for air, despairing of peace.


With hands that bear the scars of One held captive,

the Lover reaches out to untangle the tightly woven web. 

With spoken Word, there is release from bondage. 

His Spirit breathes life into the soul who is wounded,

filling the voids,

healing the bruises,

repairing the brokenness. 

Stories of life are but shadows of Love.

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