Kaa, The Fudge Ssssstriped Cookie

She is a simple pleasure, a decadent delight, an innocent abandonment.  She’s just over two years old with hair as fair as corn silk and eyes as blue as the sky.  Watching her take in the world and waiting for her response is a simple pleasure.  Listening to her expressions on all that she has processed is a decadent delight.  She observes everything and pursues everything with innocent abandonment.  

Watching her watch The Jungle Book video has got to be the greatest pleasure one can ever have.  Contemplatively still, snuggled in a recliner with the one she loves most, she will spontaneously burst into action, landing on the carpeted flooring, yelling at the top her voice,  “Look at me!” and then will perfectly do a flip, placing the top of her head just so on the carpet, rolling down her spine and landing on her feet.  Pausing for the applause, in a flash, she reconnects with the story line and tunes out the rest of us.  She is entertaining even when she is fighting sleep. 

Today was one of those occasions.  Kaa, the sssssnake, began to ssssslither his way  through the scene and wrap himself around Mowgli, the man cub.  She immediately recognizes the sssssnake as evil and commands us to “Get him!”  She ran to the TV screen and began hitting at him to rescue Mowgli. 

Still within touching distance of the screen, suddenly she wanted a cookie, “Like this one”.  She was pointing to the something in the scene but the scene was changing rapidly.  She became adamant about it, her want changing to a need in her just-over-two-year-old way.  Off her best buddy went to the kitchen cabinet where all the goodies were kept; she followed.  She refused each one that was offered from the available assortment … until she was offered the one which was obviously “Like this one”.  How could we not know which one she was so desperately needing? 

Satisfied, she came back to the living room to resume watching the movie.  When the first cookie was gone, she needed a second one.  She politely brought one to me, at my request.  I needed something to fill the mouth that fell open when it clicked with me that when she saw the sssssnake’s coloring in the movie, it reminded her of this:

Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies and Kaa, the snake

Keebler Fudge Ssssstripes

She immediately recognized evil and fearlessly went into attack mode because Mowgli is a “good boy”.  She creatively connected the colors on the screen with something totally unrelated in life yet it looked similar. 

Incidentally, as mentioned in an earlier post she and I had a conversation about a pink airplane.  Watching cartoons with her this afternoon revealed the connection for her to a pink airplane. 

The wisdom of a child who is less than 2.5 years old astounds this adult.  There is so much we could learn from a child, don’t you think?

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children …”


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