And Then There Is Love

It is easy for the activities of our daily lives to be carried out in order to avoid the consequences of not doing them or to gain the results that comes from doing them. 

  • going to work
  • maintaining the car
  • cleaning the house
  • doing the laundry
  • changing diapers
  • taking the kids to school, extra curricular activities
  • going to the doctor/dentist
  • obeying parents
  • living with a spouse
  • completing homework
  • sitting exams
  • helping those in need
  • giving time to the Word and corporate worship

We do them because we have to, out of a sense of duty, responsibility and necessity.  If we are not happy in the doing of them, we can always blame the other person and/or circumstances in control over us.  We can often unconsciously assume a victim mentality and perform ever so begrudgingly and ever so passively. 

And then there is love.

Love cannot be carried out in order to avoid the consequences of not loving or to gain the result that comes from loving.  Love can never be from a sense of duty, responsibility and necessity.  Love will never happen at the fault of someone else nor can the victim mentality be the motive for love.  Neither can we make victims out of the ones we love, nor force our love on them nor a certain response from them.  If love is forced, faked or manipulative,  it is not love.  It is not given based on anticipated results.

Love is a deliberate and active choice of the will.  In its purest form, love demonstrates itself in such beauty and abandonment that it cannot be replicated, duplicated nor counterfeited. 

It is one of the things an individual must own before being able to act upon it.


2 thoughts on “And Then There Is Love

  1. I found your blog because you paid a visit to my blog. =) I like the way you think, and am glad you found this avenue of writing, and wish you the best in it! ~Anita


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