Out of Love

Out of Love,

I waited 12 hours to respond when I learned you were going away, even for a hard-earned and much-needed holiday.  It took 12 hours for me to push past my fear and insecurity that you would not return to me.  It took 12 hours for me to be able to rejoice with you that you are finally getting the rest you need. 

Out of Love,

I left before telling you how I felt.   After a good night’s sleep and a refreshed spirit, I was able to share with you the feeling I have of being neglected and feeling that I had been taken for granted.  It took a time of rest and restoration for me to tell you how I felt without spewing anger and attacking you. 

Out of Love,

I will wait until you come to me as my bride.  How I long to rush in and capture you for me and me only.  But I understand that I can only move forward as you trust me and give your heart to me.  I will take nothing that is not mine; I will cherish in all aspects everything that you willingly give to me to hold forever.


4 thoughts on “Out of Love

    • Thanks! No, it is not meant for anyone in particular. I just sat down and those words just tumbled out. Sometimes my words are inspired by a particular incident in life and sometimes my posts are just random words from the heart. Thanks for visiting with me!


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