I Like Playing in The Sand

Dad’s sleeping again.  Why does he go on with mum about spending time with me only to sleep most of the time?  It’s okay though.  He’s cranky when he’s awake.  He just needs to have fun.  When I grow up, I’m going to make sure I have fun.  He smokes too much too.  I’m not going to ever smoke.  It stinks.  Well, my dad is fun sometimes.  He watches cartoons with me on his day off.  I wake up before he does.  I put the kettle on and then I run and jump and snuggle in the bed with Dad.  He fusses but he doesn’t mind it really. We watch cartoons then sometimes we go see Gramps and Grammie.  They are really old.  They smell funny.  They are never happy.  I’m never growing old and I’m going to be happy.  They look funny when their teeth are by the bed.

I like playing in the sand.  It feels cool and wet between my toes.  I don’t like those crawly things.  They scare me.  I want to go play in the water but Dad’s asleep and he says I can’t go in the water without him.  He’s always tired.  He’ll yell when he sees his sunglasses in the sand.  But look!  I made a man in the sand and he looks like Dad so I needed his glasses, didn’t I?

I’m tired and thirsty too.  That man and woman are playing with those kids.  Those kids are laughing and having a good time.  The man and woman are laughing too.  They love their children.  My Dad’s asleep.  Maybe if he had a woman with him, he would laugh too.  He’s always tired.  That woman is pretty.  She brought snacks and juice boxes.  Dad’s girlfriends always yell at him and he gets cranky.  It’s okay though.  The girlfriends aren’t around for too long.  I know I won’t see them more than a couple of times.  Dad needs a girlfriend like that pretty woman.  Then he would be like that man laughing and playing with those kids.

My mum is pretty too I guess.  Well, she is when she fixes her hair and puts on pretty colored clothes.  She only does that when she’s going out.  She married her boyfriend so he’s there all the time now.  They don’t go out now.  She doesn’t scream at my dad as much now; she screams at her boyfriend.  I’m not getting married.  When people marry, they have to share the same room and stuff and that makes them angry.  When I grow up, I’m not going to be angry and scream at people.  It makes me sad when she screams at Dad.

Dad’s asleep.  That pretty woman has snacks and juice boxes.  I’m going to ask her can I have a drink.  She won’t mind; she’s always laughing.  She likes kids.  When I grow up, I’m never going to sleep.  I like playing in the sand.  We go home tomorrow.  Dad has to go back to work.  When I grow up …


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