I Love You and I …

I love you and I …

I love you and I …

want to spend time with you.

will call you back in just a minute few weeks.

will spend time with you when I need something from you.

designed a sanctuary just to meet with you.

will spend my mobile minutes on you while driving to work.

will text you a picture of the grandkids.

listened to your heart and met all your needs.

will give you clothes, food, a house, trinkets, toys, electronics, cars.

will listen to you when I get back from hanging with the boys.


enjoyed our quiet walks together in the cool of the evening.

will help you with homework after I’ve read my paper, had my gin and my nap.

will come for Sunday dinner and visit next week when I’m off work, I promise.


mourned the loss of you when you rejected Me.

am angry at all men because “he” did that to me.

refuse to let another person get close to me again!

dedicated all of history in pursuit of you.

will take that love somewhere else if you do that one more time, do you hear me?

I gave you the best years of my life to you, for this?

gave up heaven for you.

really don’t think you should think all this is yours; I paid for all this!

don’t feel comfortable with being totally open to you.

died for you.

have no intentions of descending that ladder I’ve climbed just to make you feel secure.

think you should put aside your puny dreams and get with the program.

went away to prepare a place for you to join Me.

cleaned out the back side of this closet and two drawers in the other room for when you move in.

don’t see why you need to change things; it was good enough for my ex.

am offering to you all that I AM and all that I have.

have been thinking it’s best if we have separate checking accounts.

would rather keep my name after we are married.

Will you love Me in return?

Will you love me in return?


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