When I Step Across the Threshold

There will be beauty from ashes, this I know, for the Living Word has declared it so. What has been laid on the altar has been consumed with Holy Fire; may HIS will be done, for in the end, I will come forth as gold.

Understanding that our lives have been paid for us, in reverent fear I wait for HIM.  I have been redeemed for life anew.  I have been washed clean and pure.  I have been given power divine.  Partiality is not mine to enjoy or to seek; it is mine only to yield.  Pressure does not break me.  Love transforms me.  Forgiveness releases me.  Grace leads me. 

Healing falls with the morning dew, manna from heaven.  Restoration brushes over me, warm with promise, a whisper in the wind.  Hope waits outside the door, ready to carry me on eagles wings when I step across the threshold of ashes into a life of renewed beauty.


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