Shhhhh, My Child

Shhhhh, my child … I AM here. 

Trust Me and I will deliver you from those who wish evil things for you.  Know that I AM faithful and I will shield you when the fears of the night and the fiery darts of the day come pounding on your thoughts.  Though the lonely hours of darkness multiply and the slashing words pelt relentlessly, I AM your shield.  Watch and you will see them fall; you will see the fall of the wicked. 

When I AM your dwelling place, no harm will come to you.  Angels will protect you according to My command.  They will lift you up when your feet stumbles.  With strength you will trample those who roar at you.  With strength you will trample those who hiss with venom. 

In My devoted love for you, I will deliver you.  Call out to Me and I will answer you.  In trouble, I will be with you.  I will  rescue you; I will redeem you.  I will be your honor. 

Shhhhh, my child … I AM here.

When your world has shaken beneath your feet and nothing is as it was, do not be afraid.  When those things that have been your rock come tumbling down upon you, do not be afraid.  Nations rage, kingdoms topple, the earth melts when I lift My voice.  I make wars end throughout the earth.  I shatter bows and cut spears to pieces.  I burn the products of the hands of man.  I AM your stronghold. 

Stop struggling and fretting.  You are not alone.  I know what you need.  I AM with you and will speak to you through the unexpected.  I AM with you and will weaken the poisonous darts of rejection.  I AM with you and am working through those who are least likely to tell you that I love you.  I AM with you even in your most desperate of times of despair.  Hold on through the depths of the night, for I AM the dawn of a new day.

Shhhhh, My child…I AM here.


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