A Safe Place to Hide

Desperately lonely in the inner places,

divinely blessed in the public eye,

I long to find that safe place to hide,

an asylum from whom I am not.

From this prison please release me

into the land of startling Light,

into a Grace-filled valley.

Surround me with Your mountains of protection,

shield me in the cleft of Your Love.

Let me hide myself in You,

a safe place to hide,

a safe place to thrive. 



4 thoughts on “A Safe Place to Hide

    • Hello Ms. Sunshine. I am delighted that you have found Shadows. I wrote this bit tonight while listening to a program on the radio. The guest has a history of clinical depression and she was sharing her story. As she shared, I was typing away.


  1. I think at certain moments in each of our lives, we need this safe place to hide. Hide, but not reside. This safe haven is offered to us for as long as it takes to get our Spiritual legs back under us so we can continue the race. I; myself, have been quite thankful to hide in this safe place many times. Take refuge, refuel, rehydrate and resume the race.


    • This post was written while listening to Sheila Walsh’ story about clinical depression on Focus on the Family yesterday. The rest of the broadcast aired today and brings her story to full circle. The next post reflects that point in the journey.


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