I Once Had Sight, But Now I See

I once had sight.  What I saw meant nothing to me.  The people around me were there without notice from me.  They would always be.  Books and learning were at my disposal.  Books and learning I disposed of easily.  Off I went, the guide of my journey.  My vision carried me as far as I was entertained,   The control of power and speed were at my fingertips.  At my fingertips were all things the eyes beheld as beautiful. 

I once had sight, but now I see.  I see with extra-sensory perception, depth uncommon to mere man.  The people around me I wish to serve and guide the way through their stumbling journey of the tunnel of darkness.  Books and learning are now the food of my soul; Truth giving me insight into where my eyes are blinded.  Control, power and speed are lethal fantasies.  At my fingertips are all things beautiful; everything has beauty in His hands.  Let me share my vision with you and help guide your way.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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