Thus Saith The Lord…(via Selah!)

Just moments ago, I was sorting through all sorts of information about a property and house for sale.  I keep deliberating back and forth, what to do?  An appointment was scheduled for just a couple of hours from now with an agent to show the property to family.  I have already seen the property twice.  I have learned through past experiences that when I am waffling on an issue, it’s time to let go and move on.  I cancelled the appointment and returned to WordPress.  This article below popped up as a result of tag surfing. 

Thus Saith The Lord…


Posted: November 6, 2011 by J_Iregbu in Life Matters
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I don’t blog for the sake of it; when I do, then there’s word for me or someone reading my post. I suddenly felt an urge to push this message out to you right away. Here’s what the Lord just dropped in my spirit:

“Whatever you are willing to give up, never give up HOPE. In due season, your captivity will turn around. The Master of the ocean speaks to your great storm right now, and there shall be a great calm. I will come through for you, however long you feel it’s taking but you won’t suffer forever. Hold on to my promises. The tears will dry, the pain will cease, the darkness will lift. Better days are ahead of you, if you keep trusting and never give up HOPE.”

Wow!!!!! I’m buzzing. I declare “AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!” So shall it be.


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