When I Feel, Then I Do

When I feel

abandoned, angry, bullied, condemned, controlled, demeaned, depressed, forgotten, hated, hopeless, hungry, hurt, insecure, isolated, judged, lonely, managed, misjudged, needy, numb, oppressed, restless, sad, silenced, tired, tricked, unappreciated, unheard, unloved, unnoticed, untouched, victimized, weary, worthless:

then I

act out, bug others for TLC, compare my situation to others, connect with whomever is available and accepting without regard to consequences, criticize, cry, eat with abandon far beyond necessary and without regard to consequences, fight back, look for new style of clothes or hair, look for pleasure and scintillation, look for ways to redecorate, make a mental to-do list, procrastinate, read fluff and trash, retreat, shut down, shop only to return items later, sleep, strike out, watch movies, whine.

When I feel

accepted, acknowledged, appreciated, approved, blessed, cared for, complete, connected, free, happy, heard,  honored, hopeful, included, joyful, loved, open, peaceful, safe, secure, valued, worthy:

then I

am disciplined, am focused, mindful of ways to bless, confident, eat wisely, exercise appropriately, invest less in wayward ways and am less influenced, keep up my home/car proactively, listen to wholesome music and to honorable pastors, march to the beat of my own drum, meet my responsibilities head on, read materials of depth and value, reach out to others, seek connections that are healthy and good, sleep appropriately, speak with encouragement and wisdom, spend time in the Word, walk in holiness.

Our feelings often lead us down paths that are destructive.  Our feelings often lead us up paths to greater strength.  The choice of the paths is ours, even when it seems that we have no choice.  The Truth within the choice will always lead to a place of strength, a place of peace, a place of hope–even when our feelings say otherwise.


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