Bits and Blurbs

Waking up to the stark reality that life isn’t “fair”,

our dreams of “fair”y-tales become less vivid.


When the nebulous cloud of insecurity settles,

our paths become nefarious in the search for direction.


If our success is built on our intellect, our abilities, our image, our possessions,

the rungs of the ladder we are climbing become narrower and farther apart.


What we perceive as important, we will passionately pursue;

otherwise we will passively excuse.


Fools despise wisdom and instruction;

those who live by Truth will know peace and prosperity.


4 thoughts on “Bits and Blurbs

  1. Beautifully said … I love “fair” y-tales. It’s like believing in Santa Claus. One wishes it were true, but if we want happily ever after then it’s within us to pursue the happily part and not be disappointed at the downs that may come our way.


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