I Responsibility You

Yes, yes, yes, of course I love you but what you don’t understand is that what winds my clock and keeps me ticking is the fact that I feel responsible for you.  I love you and because I do love you, I want to see you succeed and not get hurt and I want to make sure you do the right things and I don’t want you to make mistakes because after all, if you do screw up (and we both know you will), it will be a bad reflection on me and so I love you and I take the responsibility of loving you very, very seriously.

You know, darling, one day there will be time for laughter and cuddles and simply enjoying each other after you’ve learned to be responsible, to talk without saying embarrassing things, to dress without looking stupid and how to care for that body of yours.  I swear one day you are going to wind up being as round as you are tall.  Now don’t get offended;after all, I’m just trying to help you after all I do love you.  You’re my baby.

Now, when you go to get your hair cut the next time, you tell her not to thin your hair out on top like that again.  It looks horrible! I can see your scalp.  How many helpings are you going to take?  Don’t you think you should cut back?  My, my, my!  You want to hug me as sweaty as you are?  Go right now and take a shower.  And DON’T put those smelly clothes with the rest of the dirty clothes.  Put them on the back porch before you stink up the rest of the house.  Yeah well, I know you are willing to do the laundry but you’ll never be able to get those stains out so you better just leave it and I’ll work on it later.  I swear I get so tired of laundry and cleaning and what’s that you say?  You’ll wash the dishes after supper?  Well, there’s a lot of grease splattered everywhere what with all this frying and I have to scrub the pans and the stove and you can’t reach the corner over there so I’ll just have to do it but thanks for asking.  Did you just hear that weatherman?  He said there’s gonna be frost next week.  You’ll have to take your heavy coat with you but don’t take that old brown thing; you sewed the holes in the pockets with the wrong color and I’ll have to do it over and I can’t get to it right now because my arthritis is so bad and you see these hands?  They hurt so bad these days and all these chemicals I have to use to clean makes them dry and itchy and lotion does not help; I’ve tried everything.  No, no, no I can’t wear gloves while I’m cleaning because they make my hands sweat and well, I know you will do it for me but I enjoy piddling and cleaning; it gives me something to do.

Hey, why are you sitting here in front of the TV still when you know you have to get up early in the morning.  I hate Tuesdays and getting up that hour earlier.  Yes, yes, yes I know you can get up by yourself and can fix your own coffee but I can’t sleep late anyway and you know I can’t sleep after I’ve woken up and there’s just no point in laying in bed if you can’t sleep so turn that TV off and go to bed now cause I’m tired.

Goodnight.  I responsibility love you.


10 thoughts on “I Responsibility You

    • Indeed. Relationship patterns do not always communicate value, respect and love even though the relation between the two people indicate that there will be love and acceptance. Our hang ups so very often get in the way, probably more often than what we are aware of.


    • I’m terribly sorry for creating a bit of confusion. In a way, yes, it is satirical. It was not meant to be sarcastic or to be poking fun at anyone. It is simply an observation. Sometimes I watch how people express love to their loved ones and their intentions are good but the message often misses the mark. It is as if the responsibility the person feels in the role/position that they have overwhelms their ability to love simply and without control, vice or worry.


      • Oh, don’t apologize. As they say, it’s not you, it’s me. 😉 If you’ve ever read my blog, you’d see that I frequently suffer from “mind fog”, as they call it. It’s a combination of med side effects & the disease itself.

        Having said that, it did strike a chord with me. I totally get the intentions vs. delivery message.

        Thanks for clarifying. 🙂


  1. good imaginative write.Just been in a similar situation,which is why I’ve been silent for so long.So busy living someone else’s life for them.Was convinced our lover was involved and wanted me to be neck-deep in her problems.
    How to put into words the depth of my pain now 5 weeks after she dropped the bombshell that I was not hitting her love button in the way that I thought I was.So amazed that I am yet again on my lonesome.Living in shock for this long has left me questioning everything.Praises to our lover that He has kept me in His grasp and as He always says ‘He will not let go’.
    SO pleased to see that you’re still writing.Got to get back to pushing out individual letters one at a time.
    Hoping I can find the strength to continue to move forward,not sure that I can put down the self-medication.Gottta find the real spiritual power again.


    • Wow!Even though you shared painful news, you also shared Good News. Indeed, the Lover will never leave you and as you settle closer and closer in the arms of the Lover, healing will come, even penetrating into the dark places where understanding cannot be found. Self-medication may bring immediate results but it will always produce a sad substitute to true healing.

      What you are experiencing and where you are in life are perfect springboards to continue writing. You may be surprised where it will lead you.


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