Let It Be

with music from the heart,
with strength from the mind,
with grace from the soul.
to hear the message,
to learn Truth,
to know Peace.
with praise,
with hope,
with kindness.
from mercy,
from healing,
from love.
Let it be that I may dance with abandon, for the Lover fills my heart with music, my mind with strength and my soul with grace.
Let it be that I listen, for the Father speaks to me with a message, imparting Truth and invading with Peace.
Let it be that I speak with gifts of praise, hope and kindness for these are all gifts from my Provider. 
Let it be that I give consistently, wisely and humbly from all that is good within me, for within me is the image of God.
Let it be that from a place of mercy, healing and love that I am able to touch others as the Comforter has touched me. 

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