quote: Debbieism No. 16

The gift of touch and the gift of words are two of the most precious resources that we have.  They can save a life, they can communicate value and they can be a means of blessing and pleasure, love and joy.  When under the control of God Almighty, those gifts glorify Him.  The giver and the receiver are mutual in their rejoicing of the gifts shared.
When delivered by self-throned, shallow people or when delivered as if satan is the master, the gift of touch and the gift of words become instruments of torture and chains of evil.  The giver takes on the role of a bully and the receiver becomes the victim. 
Forget not that when you have given away your gifts, you cannot take them back or ask for a refund–only forgiveness.  Rebuilding a person’s trust and respect in you becomes more and more difficult each time you violate them. 

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