When driving my car, when exercising or just enjoying a delightful meal, I am reminded of the blessings of simplicity that He richly gives every day.  The world in which I live disappears and my vision expands to take in His world.  Limitations give way to possibilities.  Weakness is replaced with strength.  The mundane is transformed into extraordinary.  What I have is enough and far beyond the fantasy of what is missing.  I am content.  The complexities of life take their place in perspective in the corner of my eye and not the center of my world.

When at my favorite hiding place, I am reminded of His beauty, His majesty and His provision.  There is a peace that settles over me and a gentle and quiet spirit leads me.  I watch the people around me and with a knowledge beyond me, words of encouragement is shared with all that I meet.  My soul is refreshed and my strength is renewed.  My lungs and my heart are full of fresh air.

When with a special golden-haired little lady, I am reminded of His love and how much He delights in me.  The spontaneous heart shared in innocent abandonment is a priceless treasure.  Devoid of craftiness or fear, it brings laughter and joy to all who witness it.  It brings humility and thanksgiving to the one who is privileged to share it.  Love given and love received, in its simplest form.

When listening to my favorite radio station, I am reminded how freeing and beautiful it is to sing His hymns and praises.  The Wonder of Wonders thrills my soul.  I learn again and anew Truths for Life.  I find Love Worth Finding.  I gain Insight for Living.  I am encouraged in Living on the Edge.  From Turning Point and In Touch, the Word is repeatedly shared, repeatedly reminding me of what is valid and authentic.  The voices and expectations from social media fall to the wayside and there is clarity of thought and focus.  Tears of relief and rejoicing flow from my eyes as cleansing and healing move into my inner depths.

When meditating on the Book of Life, I am focused on I AM.  I am reminded that He is who He says He is.  His Kingdom surpasses this world.  His promises are in black and white before me.  His love in words of red speak to me with grace and mercy.  Nuggets of wisdom fill my mind, replacing the stones of deceit that are constantly thrown.  Inspiration tickles my brain, giving rise to word pictures that draw me into a place of refuge and out of the pit of refuse.

Finally, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable— if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think about such things.


4 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. What a great reminder of how we should look for God’s touch, His voice, His people in every aspect of our lives. It takes quietness and alone time to really appreciate all that God has in store for His children. God, help me to be sensitive to all the different ways You want to nourish my soul!


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