I Love You … No. 12

I love you.

What I am trying to say is that I see you. 

I see your loneliness.  You desire and need for connection and companionship.

I see your burdens.  The weight of your responsibilities are heavy and they weary you. 

I see your love.  Commitment and vulnerability are the shields you go to battle with for those in your care, often with deep personal sacrifice.  Their success is your priority.

I see your passion.  You work with excellence as the goal.  You play with intensity.

I see your pain.  You learned early of loss.  You learned early of injustice.  You learned early that life is unfair. 

I see your joy.  Today, your eyes may be clouded and short-sighted.  Today, your heart may be brittle and painfully beating.  Today, your body is sluggish with apathy.  But Mine isn’t and I have good plans for you. 

I see you.


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