Do You See What I See?

Do you see what I see?

Yesterday, as the sun was setting, I was heading north on the interstate back to the apartment where I live.  Reality overshadowed hopes for being closer home by the time darkness settled but things happen and time does not stand still because of my needs or desires.  I had just made a quick, 3-ish mile detour east along a busy highway in hopes that the HOT NOW sign would be glowing red at a beloved doughnut shop.  As I re-entered the flow of traffic on the interstate, the sugary vanilla aroma of original glazed love filled the car.  A midnight blue sky, dotted with twinkling stars, highlighting a huge glowing white moon filled the upper part of the windshield.  A fiery blood-orange display of the setting sun painted a blaze of glory in the rearview mirror.  There was the smell of loving goodness in the car; there was the beauty and wonder of life and the Creator Lover on the outside.

I had just spent the day with a real estate broker who just may have voiced one of the highest compliments and blessings that I have ever heard, at least not in a very long time.  We were comparing the properties that we had viewed during the day and it was obvious that he was very pleased with my choice of the house I was about to bid on.  This quiet, professional and unassuming man spoke one statement that will haunt me for quite some time.  “Debbie, with this house you will not be ‘settling’ like you would be if you chose house A or house B.  This is a better house for you because … And in ten years time if you wanted to resell, this house would not show its age like the others.  When you get ready to resell, if you do this and that, then you will impact the resell value …”  We spent some time outside, sizing up the neighborhood.  Again, he gave it his nod of approval and gave another high compliment, “Debbie, they would be happy to have someone like you here.”  With other properties, he has always been noncommittal, merely pointing out the positives and negatives, stating the facts and figures.  I recalled another statement he had made during our second time out.  “Debbie, don’t feel as if you have to bid on this house.  This is a great house at a great price, but I am confident there will be others becoming available that will be better suited for you.  It just may take some time.”

Someone who was a total stranger just three weeks before is now literally using his professional abilities and training to encourage and to guide me into not “settling”, even at a potential personal financial cost.  “We” wrote up an offer and submitted the first bid received on the house.

“Do you see what I see?”

By the way, every time he has quoted a ballpark figure to replace this or repair that, his figures have been right on the money as I have researched the items later. Awestruck with a majestic presence and humbled by simple goodness, I drove for the next hour in an other worldly peace.

Today, just after the sun was setting, I found myself in my car again.  A quick errand that I deliberately ignored and postponed pulled me out the door.  I grabbed for my insulated red trench coat, picked up the car keys and stuffed my ID wallet in the coat pocket.  The coat pocket was already occupied, with three dollars, forgotten from the last excursion ten days or so ago.  As I rounded the drive out of my apartment, the huge glowing moon appeared again, just over the rooftop of a home extravagantly decorated for the Christmas holidays.

At the grocery store, I placed in the shopping cart the few items of necessity and then I walked around to the snack aisle, an aisle that I rarely visit.  Checking out the endless array of potato chips, my appetite for them decreased when I eyed the large increase in prices since the last time I shopped for potato chips.  Did I not buy a bag of chips once for $1.99 or was it $2.99 for the special brands?  ALL of them were $3.50 now!  Another shopper and I looked at each other at the same time, both with our mouths wide open, before she asked, “What’s going on with potato chips?”  I shook my head as I walked away, leaving all those bags in their place on the shelves.  Then a price for an off brand of salt and vinegar chips caught my attention for a dollar cheaper than all others.  It was removed from the shelf and reverently placed in my cart.  Around the corner were the sodas; 99 cents was the magic number and I snatched up that 1.25 litre; it was perfect for me.  At the register, the cashier asked for $8.84 for all my goods for the week.

Parking alongside the pumps, I got out and walked around to the other side of the car, swiped my card, chose the grade of petrol I wanted and began to fill the tank.  I knew that the loyalty card that I swiped would give me a discount per gallon, I knew that $0.05 discount would expire by the end of the month and I knew I was low on petrol.  I was not paying attention to the price per gallon posted nor did I pay attention to the amount of the discount, until the nozzle clicked off indicating a full tank.  I filled my tank at $0.10 per gallon cheaper because of the loyalty card!

A giggle of excitement and expectation began to take life deep within.  While I am not one that looks for signs and nor have I been in the habit of “throwing out fleeces”, I am acutely aware that what I have seen in the past few days have been gifts of Love to a love-starved soul.  I am loved and I am loved well.

Do you see what I see?


2 thoughts on “Do You See What I See?

    • We could hear some time Monday from the bank that owns the home. The agent has wisely forewarned that this particular banking system tends to operate on a different time line than is typical of other banks in these procedures. This was a true statement in a previous situation with them already.


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