Go To Sleep, My Child

Go to sleep, My child.

Weary and disoriented, you are vulnerable and weak.

The day has been difficult and your journey has been long.

You reached out with a pure heart, but the bite left its mark.

In inner battle, you felt unworthy of mercy.

My gentle words you ignored, My loving touch you shunned.

In shame you hid your face; in confusion you ran away.

My heart ached, for in your withdrawal, I was not rejecting you.

No punishment in mind, but in compassion I pursued you.

  For I understood that in your zeal to express, you offended instead.

Moments passed with your back to Me, busy work in your hands.

My heart wept while your heart sank in failure.

Turn around child and you will see the forgiveness in My eyes.

Moments more yet passed as your thoughts raced, waiting for punishment.

Turn around child and you will see the love in My eyes.

Alas with spontaneous freedom, you leapt to your feet, ready to run to Me.

In the pause of doubt, I opened My arms and filled them with you.

With your heart beating next to Mine, I heard your tender words, “I’m sorry, I love you.”

The embrace is held during the silence of acceptance.

With one last quick squeeze and giggle, off you go with repaired heart.

With peace at last restored and eyes twinkling with joy,

Go to sleep My Child.

You are still the love of My heart, the apple of my eye.


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