A Few of My Favorite Things

Prominently and unabashedly displayed in my home is my curio cabinet.  As you might expect, it displays a few of my favorite things.  The shelves are quite full.  It makes for a tedious task when trying to dust and keep it all tidy but with a few extra minutes of patience, I can sort it all out.  If you look critically, you will easily note that the curio cabinet is actually a bookshelf but treated with special honor.

A few of my favorite things in this curio cabinet are music boxes collected for more than 20 years now.  Some I have chosen for myself; others were gifts.  Some are collectibles; some were purchased at a local department store.  Quite a few were given by family members.  Their sentimental value far exceeds the monetary value.  This curio cabinet displays other things too.  There are souvenirs from England and mementos from other countries that remind me of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve known.  One specific item that always makes me chuckle is a glass Coke bottle from Belgium.  Having a well-known American product but designed for a different culture reminds me of how small my world really is.

A few of my favorite things are scattered about in other areas in my home as well.  On the coffee table, there is a mirrored serving tray that holds old and new snapshots, birthday party invites and photos of family members.  In the extra room, there is exercise equipment, electronic equipment from college days, a 1970’s Polaroid camera, a 110 cartridge camera, a Tipit game and a Kerplunk game.  There is a Barbie doll with a handmade wedding dress.  Loads of books and old Bibles are in there as well.  In my bedroom are still yet a few of my favorite things.  Some of these have been mentioned and pictured here.

A few of my favorite things are in storage.  I would be quite embarrassed if these were on display for any and all to see.  Actually, I don’t know if there is anyone I would feel comfortable in giving them complete access to these things.  The fairy-tale ideal part of me buried deep within the recesses of my heart says that one day my husband will be given uninhibited exposure which will only motivate him to love me all the more completely.  The reality part of me that sets on the tip of my nose and guides my physical vision says that by the time these journals are read and exposed, I hope my body is six feet under.

You see, a few of my favorite things that are so intimate and precious are my journals.  The journals began in the late 80’s.  They tell a tale of consistent and persistent faith.  They tell a tale of joy and abundance.  They tell a tale of challenge and struggle.  They tell of a tale of hopelessness and depression.  They tell a tale of being showered with love.  They tell a tale of unrequited love.  Within these journals is the story of my life, the journey of my heart and the path of my thoughts.

Prominently and unabashedly displayed in my journals are the people whom I have loved, the people I am still learning to love and the people who cannot return love.  My fears are laid out in black on white; my tears dot and skew the handwritten script.  With words tinted with shame and confusion, I write of my passions and desires and longings.  With words bursting with excitement and wonder, I write of my victories overcoming the impossibles and the discoveries of the joy unimaginables.  There are daggers coated with the dust of forgiveness; there are daggers still dripping blood red with unforgiveness.  There are gifts mentioned there, like my music boxes, that have value far exceeding the actual cost of them.  There is hope expressed for those whom I love yet who choose to live a life of pain.  There is frustration expressed because those who love choose a life for me.

Prominently and unabashedly displayed in my journals is the story of my life, the journey of my heart and the path of my thoughts–a few of my favorite things.  They are precious in my sight.

Handle them with care.

The story of your life, the journey of your heart and the path of your thoughts are precious too.

Handle them with care. 

 My Creator Lover is teaching me how; He can teach you too!


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