The Life of More

More house is the answer.  Increased square footage in customized detail will allow room for happiness and laughter in my home.  My children will be wisely educated and their friends will be of the elite in their new school.  The neighborhood moms will come to me for advice and new cookie recipes.  My husband will be highly regarded.

More credit will help.  Of course, I will keep a check on the balance but more credit will allow me to buy the things my children need to keep up social and relational standards at school.  I will keep a check on the balance but more credit will allow me to furnish and remodel this beautiful new house.  A housekeeper will give me more time to work, thereby giving me opportunities to increase our financial viability.  A nanny will give more freedom to focus on shopping for the house, for the family and for me.  More credit means I can have my hair done each month and manicures twice as often now.  The meetings and socials with the ladies of the neighborhood and the kid’s sports events, of course, means I must always look polished and be a fashion plate of style.  More time at the gym gives me that youthful figure that others expect of me.

More hours at work is what I need.  My kids are almost young adults.  Each needs a car, with gas, insurance and maintenance.  In a couple of years, one or more will be headed for college.  Each will need an apartment, comfortably furnished like home, of course.  My co-workers like to tail-gate and putt on the links.  More hours at work means I would have the money to keep up with the kids and my co-workers.  Besides, the company is growing so fast; more hours at work is the only way I can hold job security.

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”



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