Renting A Room, Settling A Home

Room For Rent:

Indulge in the splendor of staying in exquisite accommodations, relaxed elegance, luxurious spa services, and fine dining in a breathtaking exclusive oasis complete with your own personal butler and chef ready to make every detail of your stay special with gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and evening cocktails.  Stay overnight where you’ll be treated with gracious hospitality.  Feel at home in one of our guest rooms and that wrap you in relaxed elegance.  Midweek rates starting at $149 per room, per night; weekend $189 per room, per night. 4 person(s) per room maximum.

Settling A Home:

Great condition!  Stepless ranch 3 bedroom/2 bath with 2 car garage.   Bank prequalification required on all offers; allow 2 to 3 days response from seller.  Why rent when you can own your own home?  Estimated mortgage $276/mo.

My Heart: A Room Rented Or A House Settled?  Has my heart and my life become like a room rented?  Do people traffic through, enjoying its luxuries for a night, a season only to leave a heart cluttered with debris, forgotten items and soiled linens?  Are my treasures on display for short play?  Are reservations booked for the weekend for the one I profess to serve?  Is the lock a computerized-coded plastic card? Are the towels and toiletries monogrammed with corporate ownership?  Responsibility is delivered under the door. The bill has my name on it.

Has my heart and my life become like a house settled? The down payment has been paid and the mortgage has been signed.  Ownership has been established in legalities and in accessibility.  Individuality paints each wall and carpets each floor.  Landscaping is tailored to my tastes and my needs.  The locks have been changed and the owner holds the key.  Commitment constrains me; doing what is right refrains me.  Diligence in maintenance, upkeep and upgrades determines the legacy left behind.  Responsibility is delivered through the post box.  The deed has my name on it.


6 thoughts on “Renting A Room, Settling A Home

  1. All that is absorbed during the day tumbles through the mind in the wee hours … and stirs up the heart. The parallel of what my physical eyes and mind experience and what my spiritual eyes and mind experience never ceases to amaze me.


  2. Your writing is unique. I love how you make a reader think. Your parallels are indeed image- provoking, and they’ve instigated my own heart response. I will be back.
    Thank you, Debbie, for checking in on Affinities. Starting a blog has opened my eyes to all the striking blogs out there. Yours is definitely one. Keep up that high-bar writing style of yours.


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