From Out of the Fog

With the temperature controls in the car turned to the red zone and the air flow set equally between defrost and floor level, I was on the way to the parents on Tuesday morning.  It was not particularly cold throughout the day and neither was it particularly cold when I left the parents that evening.  Interestingly enough then as I was stepping out of their home, I noticed that the windows of the car looked frosted over, except for the area of the windshield immediately at the driver’s seat.  But how could the windows be frosted over when it wasn’t particularly cold?

As we stepped up to the car, we discovered that the windows were fogged up on the inside–the windshield on the passenger side, both front and back passenger side windows, the rear window, the back passenger window and the driver side window. The windshield immediately in front of the steering wheel was perfectly clear. It appeared as if a heavy breather had sat in my car, a car which had been unoccupied for about eight hours.  With a concern for safety, we opened the trunk, checking for an unwelcome guest.  No one, no thing was found.  All windows except the rear window cleared readily enough with running the heater on defrost.

Anyone who knows me well knows the connection of me and fog, in how God quieted and encouraged my spirit just before my first move to Georgia in 1989.  I was driving back from Atlanta to SC in January quite late one balmy night.  A friend was asleep in the front passenger seat.  My mind was racing, for a move to Atlanta seemed almost impossible, a fairy tale.  Such an act on my part would have a far reaching ripple effect. The reaction would not be entirely positive and most probably would bring unpardonable incrimination.  My heart was racing, for the fog was so very heavy that I could not see what was ahead; the hood of the Ford Escort was only just barely discernible.  But then there was peace; for it was from out of the fog that I was reminded, “Trust Me.  Do not worry about seeing everything or knowing how it all works out. Just as you can only see where you are right now while you are driving in the fog, all you need to see about your future is right now. Trust me.”

While at the parents on Tuesday, several personal situations were casually discussed, all of which are open-ended opportunities for a miracle to happen and none of which were settled, including a potential move back to Georgia.  The Lover is always working around us, always inviting us to join HIM in what HE is about to do.  HIS ways are not our ways.  HE can certainly speak from out of the fog from within the car, if necessary, to reveal Himself, HIS purposes, HIS ways…and to leave the driver’s view perfectly clear.

“Speak, for your servant is listening.”


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