The Power of Love

“The power of Love,

the gift of the Lover.

It is not a whimsical fantasy,

it is an unending fact.

It is not a source of manipulation,

it is a journey of transformation.

It does not lead to bondage

it leads to restoration.

There are no levels of hierarchy,

there is but one goal to lift high the Other.

Redemption will be found here,

there is no room for condemnation.

Kindness and mercy will be done,

the swords of battle will not be drawn.

It is available to all,

It is a treasure worth pursuing.

Receive it today,

give it today.

The power of Love,

the gift of the Lover.

Inspiration came after reading Believing in Six Impossible Things.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Love

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    • It may well be that love is the most powerful force in the universe and the most precious. Perhaps when we learn how to receive it and to give it properly, it will be less volatile and destructive and will be simply healing and redemptive.


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