Within My Dreams

Within my dreams, I see you.  Fresh faced and with eyes sparkling, you come to me with suppressed excitement.  Silently you look at me, knowingly you stroke my face.  Within my dreams, I feel you.  With breaths suspended, so is time.  Sounds disappear, vision narrows.  Your words beckon me to join you.  Your hands of strength guide me.  Within my dreams, I hear you.  Excitement, expectancy propels my feet forward.  Desire, wonder sends my body trembling, my heart racing.  Within my dreams, I follow you.  With whispers of love, purity explodes with fierceness.   Amid murmurs of encouragement, tenderness settles in the silence.  Within my dreams, I am with you.

Beyond the windows, the sun rises yet again.  This day is fresh with dew.  The birds flit here and yon, splashing in the shallow bath, chirping about the garden.  The whistle explodes with fierceness.  The steaming kettle pulls me back.  The hand that reaches forward is shaking.  My body trembles with emotion; my heart pounds painfully.  The silence of aloneness echoes in my heart.  Within my dreams, I am with you, in heaven, together forever.


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