Shedding Skin

A Google search for the term, “shedding skin” led me to the following on Wikipedia:

In biology, moulting or molting[1] (both pronounced /ˈmoʊltɪŋ/), also known as sloughing, shedding, or for some species, ecdysis, is the manner in which an animal routinely casts off a part of its body (often but not always an outer layer or covering), either at specific times of year, or at specific points in its life cycle.

There’s an interesting display of a cicada molting if you are the type who is fascinated by such.  Click here to watch it.  I can only imagine that the transformation doesn’t happen as rapidly as the video indicates.

Shedding skin happens to be the phrase that caught my attention this morning.  Earlier I had posted about a child learning to express her emotions and how to interact with others.  In her own way, she is rapidly shedding her skin as she grows and matures.  This is the type of stuff that I am fascinated by.

Earlier this morning as well, I had been busy in other ways: showering and dressing; doing the washing up after breakfast; sorting the bits and bobbles I had left strewn about the apartment throughout the week; organizing coupons clipped from adverts; and tackling the pile of freshly laundered clothes that needed ironing.  With each task completed, I felt lighter and unburdened, almost as if I were shedding layers of responsibility.  When all the tasks were completed, beauty and order was restored.  There is a sense of renewal and freedom to face new adventures in life.  Me and my home were transformed in a few short hours.

Shedding skin/molding is the message of life.  As we go through life, growing and maturing, we are in a constant process of meeting and surpassing levels of responsibility.  With each task completed beauty and order is displayed.  When all the tasks have been completed, I can imagine that we will discover that in fact, we have been in a process of being molded into the image of Love.  I can only imagine that the transformation doesn’t happen as rapidly and effortlessly as the video of the cicada indicates, nor as quickly as taking a shower and cleaning my apartment.

Life is like a real-time video and audio.  If we choose at any point in life, at any point in the process, to stay hidden by the old layers, growth and maturity will never happen.  Death, a halt of what could have been something precious and wonderful is likely to result.  Our beauty and order will not be realized.

I just feel like something good is about to happen and it could happen today.




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