Cocooned in Adversity

Cocooned in adversity, yet separated for life.
Ostracized from the mainstream, yet set free to live abundantly.
Preserved by weakness, yet protected within dysfunction.

Let not the rejection draw you into the abyss of darkness.
Clear your vision from the flying arrows.  Fix your eyes on Love eternal.
Close your hearing to the static and the noise.  Listen to the whisper of Truth.
Lean not on your own understanding.  Let Wisdom guide you.

Be still and know that all knowledge and all power is not your calling.
Be still and see that you are beauty and you are value, just as you are.
Be still and rest that you are not suspended within the time of today forever.

Everlasting Love will never imprison you.
Everlasting Truth will never betray you.
Everlasting Wisdom will never fail you.

Be at peace, for your cocoon is only but the hands of the Lover.



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