Sentenced for Life

Sentenced for life in this prison built by another, the shifting sands of insecurity shackle my feet.  Sucked into its depths, my feet are too heavy to step onto a firm foundation.  Fear pounds its drum in my chest as panic circulates through my mind.  Tears of frustration carve a path down my face; sobs of anger strangle the air from my lungs.  Fists clenched tight, give me something to pounce and pummel.

Cords of Love like Hands of Kindness wind around my fear-laden chest.  With strength and persistence, I was pulled from the quicksand of death.  Lying helplessly in arms so gentle, expertly I am washed clean.  With the Balm of Gilead the wounds are made whole.  The Breath of Life is breathed within me.  Like the sound of many waters, heaven seems so close.

Away from the pit and the mire, I have been freed.  My feet are fitted with Peace.  My heart is protected by rightly living.  My core strength grows by the exercise of Truth.  From within, I renew my mind with the Book of Wisdom.  From without, Faith shields me from the arrows of deception and lies, manipulation and control.  The fire burning within me overwhelms the fires against me.  Sentenced for Life to a heavenly city created by Another, my feet trod firmly along the river by the Tree of Life, yielding its fruit month after month.  There is no moon nor sun there, for the glorious display of Light shines forever.


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