What It Is

It is not in the adrenalin rush of chemistry nor in the heady response of attraction.  It is in the subtle sentinel attention that You give that takes me by surprise. You know who I am and You celebrate it.

It is not in the impenetrable command to get in line with Your program and what You are doing.  It is in the sacrifice that You make to include me in Your life.  You have so much to offer and You long to share it with me.

It is not in the riches and the luxuries that would be easy for You to bestow.  It is in the gentleness and vulnerability that You humbly live out that challenges Your strength.  Yet You open Yourself more, inviting me in.

It is not out of pity that calls to Your heart to act and to change.  It is in Your pure compassion and sheer joy that compels You to empower and to embrace.  You are the Warrior who can stand alone as well as the Friend needing companionship and the Lover wanting to be embraced.

I AM Who I AM.
It is what it is.

Love does not rob; love gives.
Love is not self seeking; love releases.
Love does not destruct; love edifies.
Love withers in shallow ground; love thrives in its depths.


2 thoughts on “What It Is

    • Thank you kindly. Some days the heart is succinct and raw; some days the heart is gently beautiful. Riding the ebb and flow of Love Unpredictable is a journey like no other. Among the twists and turns of life, therein lies the center–the heart. We can do all manner of things to squash it, to hide it and to protect it–even run to God with it in effervescent zeal. But at the end of the day, HE will always hand it back to us and dare us to live–from the center of the heart.


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