Normal: The Story of a Mammogram

From within the Shadow of Love, there is often challenge, pain, uncertainty and fear.  From within the Shadow of Love, there is also humility, vulnerability, resilience and a quiet strength that speaks volumes of the true nature of Love. 

I’ve reblogged posts from this woman many times and have commented that I find her faith simply amazing.  As her story continues to unfold, I can’t help but witness and celebrate Life, Love, Hope and Faith. 

Be Not Afraid

I dressed up a little today – a new shirt with my jeans and my flashy orange shoes given to me by a much more stylish friend. It only seemed right to look nice as I headed off to be groped by a stranger (and a machine) bright and early.

I’ve never had a mammogram, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I did expect it to hurt – I’d heard all about the squeezing and squishing, and since the reason I was having one in the first place was because of breast pain, it was to be expected.

The drive was surprisingly easy (where was this clear highway during my chemo treatments?), and the waiting room gorgeous. It’s plush couches, soft spa-like music, and low lighting seemed world’s away from my oncologists office just up the block. Of course, I could care less what my oncologist’s office looks…

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