He Keeps Coming Back

The years have come and gone; so too has he.  Obligations and circumstances have carried him miles and miles along the byways and interstates, across oceans and deserts.  He keeps coming back.

With each new challenge and life crisis, he meets it with fierce loyalty and focused responsibility.  Emotions are down played, forging a new pathway into, through or around the cement of circumstances.  But he keeps coming back.

The phone rings a dozen times an hour or more.  Caller ID prepares him for the worst, or the best.  His voice is modulated in respect to the caller, anwering promptly according to priority.  Business contacts receive professionalism.  Buddies hear camaraderie.  Children respond to his tenderness and guidance.  A friend knows the sacrifice he makes, because he keeps coming back.

The job site required 12 hours of undivided attention and a 3-hour commute.  He walks in; the new hair do and the feisty color of lipstick go unnoticed, but the warm, accepting atmosphere is.  The look in his eyes says that the world outside has been left behind.  His words are unpretentious in their claim, “I’m glad I stopped by; it’s been a long day.”  He keeps coming back.

He doesn’t question the details of your personal interactions.  He does ask about your latest adventure.  He doesn’t force more than you can give.  He does empower when you seek to do more.  He doesn’t check in every hour of the day.  He does send a random message when traffic has stalled or something unusual has happened.  He keeps coming back.

He is hesitant when asking for help or when someone must go out of their way.  He is timid when speaking of accomplishments or concerns.  He responds with shock when someone notices his heart over his skills.  In the silence of acceptance and no expectation, his words indicate trust and vulnerability.  So, he keeps coming back.

The words, “I love you,” are not spoken.  Words of affirmation, amazement and approval are.  With a gentle caress and teasing laughter, he leaves.  With a promise to “See you next time,” he keeps coming back.


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