Love Conquers All

“Love Conquers All”

They say that “love conquers all”.  They say that “love conquers all” through songs, books, blogs, movies and plays.  They say that “love conquers all” and we believe them, accepting it often as a scriptural reference.  They say that “love conquers all” and we live with that expectation.  If we just “love” that person fiercely enough and long enough, miracles will happen and all will be well.  They say that “love conquers all”; an internet search provides pages and pages of results to prove it.

They say that “love conquers all” but when life proves this adage to be not so reliable, through betrayal, continued and unrelenting illness, death, desertion, divorce, ongoing abuse and neglect … our faith is destroyed and our heart is attacked.  Our heart becomes our enemy and often the “other person” becomes our enemy when we discover that love doesn’t necessarily conquer all.  When our heart is attacked, defense mechanisms and protective behaviors develop, sometimes at all times and sometimes when a perceived enemy approaches.  When our heart is attacked, infusing it with the poison of pain, we often bury the hurt with addictions, anger, bitterness, cynicism, defensiveness, fear, insecurity, jealousy, neuroses, paranoia, sex …  Sometimes we begin to live as if we are a perpetual victim and the entire universe is out to “get us”, even when the first attack has ceased.

Through the pain of labor we were all born.  Through pain that is common to life we will continue to live.  When “love conquers all” fails, love is not the enemy.  The heart is not the enemy.  The “other” person is not the enemy; nor are we the enemy for the “other” person.  The enemy is the method of managing the pain for in our attempt at self-preservation from pain or healing the pain on our own is inevitable self-betrayal.  We have produced a personal escort into a new level of pain.  Our personal escort is named Pride, as if we have the power and the knowledge to manipulate the universe into our little world.

When the physical heart stops functioning, physically we die, unless we are resuscitated.  When the emotional heart is impaired, emotionally we become distorted, unless we are rescued.   When the spiritual heart is imprisoned, spiritually we become dead, unless we are redeemed.  Ironically, the only heart-preserving method of managing pain is Love.  Love cannot be conquered for indeed Love was once buried only to rise again simply to resuscitate, rescue and redeem.  Love can give you the heart of a warrior that conquers in place of the heart of a coward that hides.


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