With Commitment and Serenity

Happy endings are for fairy tales.  Predictability plots the story line.  The handsome prince meets a fair young maiden.  Against all odds and penetrating all barriers, he sweeps her away in a whirlwind of glorious love and dastardly foes.  Alas, the couple are united at the altar of wedded bliss and they live happily ever after.  The world at large and the kingdom they rule are changed forever by the freedom and healing that comes from two souls united to be one.  Eternally committed and with deep serenity, they walk into the sunset, eager to face and conquer life together.

Happy endings are not guaranteed in the stories of life.  Constant change plots the story line.  The prince may not be handsome; the prince may indeed be a lowly serf.  Against all odds and from behind impervious barriers, he may not have the perseverance nor the wisdom to sweep her into a new reality.  Alas, the couple fights the ongoing battles of two becoming one; the world around them feels the tension and wishes them well, from afar.   Committed but broken, with guilt-laden anxiety, they step into the law chambers, ready to begin a new life together, separately.

The fairy tale started predictably enough.  Her beauty increased as did his love.  With her, he discovered his purpose in life.  With her, he woke up and became alive, perhaps for the first time it seemed.  As they stood at the altar, his 6-2 frame towered over her easily; her 5-3 frame humbled him overwhelmingly.  Her hand in his seemed ever so small and fragile as he slipped the band of commitment on her finger.  Now, he is sat on the deck, watching the sun slowly set.  The tree frogs have begun their night song.  The river mirrors the orange pink sky.  All is right in his world, all is at peace.  He reaches for the hand that once seemed ever so small.  The band of commitment is still on her finger.  He clasps his hand around hers, positioning her fingers between his.  He lets the lifeless arm rest on top of his strong one, accepting the contrast of her frailty above with the metal arm of the wheelchair below.  Eternally committed and with deep serenity, he made a choice one day to always be strength for her.  One day at a time, actually, for commitment and serenity plots the story line.  The world around them witnesses hope against all odds; the world around them witnesses Love.


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