Innocence Long Forgotten

One of the pleasures of being with the golden-haired child is discovering the mystery of who she is.  Each visit with her is as different as is her appearance through the months of growth and change.  Her personality is developing.  Her curiosity is unending.  Her laughter is contagious.  She has new skills to show off.  She is more and more observant.  Her vocabulary is mind-blowing.  Her questions will knock you off your guard.  She can be demanding and selfish.  She can be intimidated by dark rooms.  She can be a prissy little lady.  She can be a terrorizing tom boy.  She loves to watch lady bugs but she refuses to touch them or let them light on her.  She likes to swing high and fast.  She may, or may not, pet the horse but she will feed him lemon cookies.  She fights nap time.  She wants to cuddle.  She doesn’t want to be touched.  She will bring you a Band-Aid for your boo-boo AND apply it correctly.  She will confront you if you break a rule.  She will make up words to a song on the radio if she doesn’t know the lyrics.

What has captivated me the most about her is innocence long forgotten.  If she likes food that you put before her, she tells you.  If she doesn’t, she tells you.  It is nothing personal.   When she needs a potty break, she tells you.  She is not flustered by who might be privy to that fact.  She has a certain way she prefers to style her hair.  It does not matter if it is fashionable or embarrassing for the adults.  She has a very specific blanket she prefers against her skin when she sleeps.  It does not matter that there are at least ten blankets or throws in the house from which to choose.

When she sees people around her doing this or that, she runs to pull up a chair in the midst to include herself.  When she is ready for a cuddle, she reaches for the one desired.  When is she is scared of the turtle ambling her way, she will climb up the legs of the closest safe person.  When she is thirsty, she will ask for her drink.

When she is angry, her body tells you with the stomping feet and exaggerated sashay of her hips.  Her eyes flash and her mouth is set.  When she is happy, she runs and she turns flips.  Her eyes are sparkling and she laughs and shrieks spontaneously.  When she is shy, she hides her face.  When she is accused or punished unjustly, she hangs her head in shame.  When she is embarrassed, she avoids eye contact.

When she enjoys you, you will get hugs.  When she doesn’t enjoy you, you will be ignored.  When she finds you fun, you will be included in her play.  When she finds you controlling, you will discover her stubbornness.

She repeats what she is taught and observed, but not out of vindictiveness.  She has no ulterior motive for liking or disliking something.  She speaks her mind, especially when it comes to sharing something personal that she doesn’t have a mind to share.  She glories in doing the things that she is good at; she is hesitant at performing tasks that frustrate her.  She does not try to impress but loves to entertain.

What has captivated me the most about her is innocence long forgotten.  She is simple and simply herself.  She runs through life at full speed ahead.  She is not bothered about tomorrow.  She is not bound by time.  She worries not about money.  Brands mean nothing, only fun colors and comfortable things to wear and lots of fun things to do.  She has not a care in the world.  She is innocence long forgotten.




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