Will You Dare?

Though I speak not with a cultured elegance nor with enchanted charisma,
my words may speak of wisdom or knowledge or humor or encouragement.
Will you dare to listen?

Though I walk with twisted limbs and precarious stability,
I may be a person of strength, power and grace.
Will you dare to walk with me?

Though my body is misshapen and not the model of fashion,
the gift of beauty and of love is there still to be seen.
Will you dare to look at me?

Though my mind may be slow and halting,
a lifetime of memories and experiences are hidden in the depths within.
Will you dare to search for them?

Though my home and my worldly goods attest to limited resources,
integrity of heart, peace within my spirit and joy in life bathe my home with contentment.
Will you dare to find a welcome place there?


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