Understanding the Difficult Things (via Soul Food)

From today’s post on Soul Food:

“Jesus never sugar-coated His message, spoke to please people or walked the expected path.  Much of what he taught was difficult to understand and confused the crowds.  And yet he tenderly taught and confided in those who genuinely hungered to intimately know Him and His truth.   Although we prefer a drive-thru McJesus—quick, easy, predictable and tasty—sometimes we just have to sit at His feet for awhile to either understand or accept some difficult things He’s told us, ways He’s led us or circumstances He’s allowed us to be in.”—Chip Kirk 

Chip Kirk is one of the loveliest of men with whom I have had the blessing to be acquainted.  He is a renowned ventriloquist and he is certainly no dummy.  His wisdom carries him across the globe, speaking to audiences of multiple nationalities and languages, from youth to senior adults, from the veteran minister to the newly inducted.  You will find him a keynote speaker in conferences cutting through cultural divides and religious boundaries.  His ability to share from a heart which is intimately acquainted with abiding Love makes him just as approachable to the homeless man in the local park as to the executive owning a Central Park apartment.  Throughout the years, his message remains the same … and so does he, even in the midst of difficult things.  For more insight on the work of the international minister, visit http://www.chipkirk.com/.

He and his wife were an inspiring duo at my initiation into ministry and they continued to embrace me with love and acceptance throughout the length of my service when I returned to the States.  I cannot imagine spending time with them and not walking away a better woman for having done so.


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