The Stirring of the Wind

The stirring of the Wind shook the tree tops as the first notes of music began.  The air sizzled as the heat and charged ions moved through the atmosphere.  The light of day dimmed as the rolling clouds invaded the horizon.  Patio decorations and outdoor ornaments gained wings of flight as the force of movement swept over them.  In a hurried fashion, the windows were firmly closed.  An anxious glance cast over the shoulder surveyed the landscape.  The heavens opened and down came a deluge of water that would last for minutes, to start again in seconds.  Now is the time of year when the evening embraces heaven’s grand orchestra and the Chief Conductor reveals His glory in a restrained but fiery display.

The drum rolls of thunder and cymbals of lightning promise that mediocrity is not the order of the day.  Wave upon wave of thunder, lightning, rain and wind settled on the land.  The sod drank thirstily but was quickly carried away as the torrents of water flooded the earth.  Anything and everything exposed received a natural baptism and scouring.

With the heavens drained, all became still.  The steam rose from the burning asphalt.  The gutters dripped with a melodic rhythm of water flowing the way of gravity.  A mellowed sun reappeared in a golden haze.  Birds renewed their operatic songs.  Two hours later, the concert ended.

How quickly a summer’s thunderstorm appears.  How brief the storm lasts.  It is a beautiful and terrifying thing.  It’s magnitude man cannot control.  It’s path is as unpredictable as it is predictable.

How quickly a life enters into the world.  How brief it lasts.  It is a beautiful and terrifying thing.  It’s purpose man cannot fashion.  It’s impact is as unfathomable as it is fathomable.

It all begins with the stirring of the Wind.


2 thoughts on “The Stirring of the Wind

  1. Poetic expression of an event that happens often here. We are often tempted to ignore the poetic if we are trying to hay but eventually we say, “God is in charge” and we resume our roles as children of a loving Heavenly Father.


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