Slipping Away

Slipping away one day at a time.

Her home is the realm of her universe.  She ventures not beyond the boundaries of the cement slab in front and the wired fence in back along the trees, save for the excursion to the market for food and the odd essentials.  She visits no one.   Her companions are strangers in the market.  Days go by and no other voice is heard save for the ones on the radio.  Weeks go by and no embrace is shared.

Slipping away one relationship at a time.

Her heart is like a museum, a storage place for memories and memorabilia.  Those that walk the corridors do so with a bit of curiosity and fleeting interest.  Those that linger to read between the lines nevertheless leave.  Months go by and not one soul returns.

Slipping away one lifetime at a time.

Her mind misfires and the thought disappears.  So much goes unspoken in a swirl of confusion.  Ideas shared are often fired like missiles, packed with the gunpowder of bitterness.  Yet the same body with clear mind and soft heart speaks tenderly and lovingly just hours later.  A lifespan of lessons, love and advice fades in and out, soon perhaps, to exhale her last breath and last words.


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