The Spear Bearer

With the physical beauty of a Greek god, he stands head and shoulders above most.  His stride carries him across the landscape with an easy glide while others quicken their pace to keep abreast.  His presence will not be denied; he does not go unnoticed.  Opportunities come knocking, often as distractions and often unsolicited.

Spear Bearer (Doryphorus)

Photo courtesy of Holy Land Photos

With the mental acuity of a businessman, he leads, guides and executes plans to establish and expand ways to love, pursue and provide for the “least of these”.  From dust, the man was formed.  From little, the least are fed and clothed.  He serves in areas where many fear to tread.  He works beside the dirty and the poor as easily as he dines with the rich and blessed.  Opportunities for favor and resources, he will search for unabashedly and without hesitation.

With the heart of a little boy, he strives to be courageous, faithful and teachable.  His passion for and inquisitive nature of people do not allow him to sit idle or to meet a stranger.  He lacks no good thing but one.  With the heart of an ordinary man, he longs to be bestowed with her respect, with her acceptance, with her companionship, with her love and with her passion.  From his rib, the woman will be fashioned.

The Spear Bearer continues in battle until victory is won.

“And the shaft of his spear was like a weaver’s beam;
and his spear’s head weighed six hundred shekels of iron: and his Shield-Bearer went before him.”


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