From the Overflow of I Am

From the overflow of I AM,
the red stain of guilt washed away,
now I am as clean as pure righteousness.

From the overflow of I AM,
the pock marks of condemnation disappeared,
now I have access as royalty.

From the overflow of I AM,
the emptiness of heart and soul dissipated,
now compelling Love overcomes my fear.

Having been washed with pure righteousness,
protected with the rights and resources of royalty,
and cloaked in the armor of Love,
now I stand in abundance.

From a platform of security, I can be strong and of good courage.
With a mind of peace, I can rest and move unencumbered and without distraction.
As Truth pierces my heart, I can stand firm against the tides of deceit and confusion.
With purity of thoughts, lips and hands, I can discern the path of wisdom.
With the shield of faith, I can wait for blessings and not be intimidated by delays.
Intimate with the Healer, I have no need to be afraid of pain or affliction.

From the overflow of I AM, now I am whole. 
No longer a pauper, a beggar, a cripple or a debtor,
now I stand in abundance.
Firmly rooted in and surrounded by the riches of royalty,
I can give and receive without fear.
I lay it all down and count it as gain and not loss.


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