A Matter of Maintenance

The house that is well maintained provides safe shelter from the rains and the storms that blow through life.  When it’s cold outside, it is warm inside.  When it’s hot outside, it is cool inside. When it hails, the occupants are not stoned and beaten.  Its occupants are kept dry and comfortable even the roughest of times, regardless of how fierce the wind blows.  The roof does not leak.  The walls are sound and free of pests.  The windows let in the light but not the dampness and the drafts.  The doors give access to friends and family and block out those who are unsafe.

The body that is well maintained is a resource of strength and an instrument in life.  It is not threatened with the common cold but fights it off easily.  From a foundation of health, it can fight the pressure of unexpected stress with stamina and power in the short run, making adjustment to return to safer ground when pain and harm are present.

The mind that is well maintained will collect the incoming data and sort out the nonessential.  The potential dangers are balanced with the reality of what is true.  The negative is balanced with the positive.  It is hungry and eager for something new and not limited to the old.  The mind that is balanced responds to all that it takes in and not blind to things in denial.

The heart that is well maintained is open and vulnerable but guarded with wisdom and discernment.  Through the eyes of the heart light that illuminates enters the darkness.  The eyes of the heart also see beyond the surface, sending constant and relevant data to the storehouse of the mind.

The soul that is well maintained becomes a resource of strength for others.  It does not waver when the path is rocky.  It is not intimidated by adversity nor is the onslaught of adversity perceived as a personal act of terrorism or punishment.  It is not overwhelmed by loneliness when given solitude.  The soul that is well maintained does not chase after the wind or empty promises.

The faith that is well maintained knows the source of Love and Life, clinging to the Source for integrity, strength and guidance.  Faith overflows with grace and hope in action and in word.  Faith reaches out with words of Truth and a hand of mercy.  Faith that is well maintained is more precious than gold and sweeter than honey–to the one who possesses it and to those who witness it.



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