The Day That Will Not End

The day that will not end is the day I shan’t forget.  As I stepped out to face the day, I stepped out with head held high, face uplifted, eyes clear and shoulders back. My back was straight and upright I walked.  Friend, stranger or foe, my eyes met theirs and with much confidence and little self concern, I acknowledged and greeted them.  Then it happened.

The phone rang with alarming news of impending foreclosure.

The bus lurched suddenly, accessorizing my suit with hues of cafe au lait and I enter the interview as a sad drip of potential employment.

The technician discovered that the small spot has roots of cancer and death.

The kiss that I gave in innocence opened the door for innocence to be ripped from my body.

The boy in my math class learned of my crush and then he crushed me with his laughter.

When it happened, the day became the day that will not end and I shan’t forget it.  Forever it is etched on my mind and my soul, a scar of eternity.  I rehearse the events as methodically as the second hand chases the hour on the clock.  I analyze, I bargain, I blame–a different scenario with each rehearsal.  But one thing does not change–it does not end and I shan’t forget it.  Nor will I let go of it.

On that day, I became a victim.

On that day, I picked a victim.

On that day, I suffered rejection.

On that day, I oppressed another.

On that day, pain and shame entered my world and impaled me to eternity past.  That day does not end for I relive it fresh every today and I deserve its punishment and condemnation. With chin now resting on my chest and my shoulders stooped, I open the door to greet the new day.  My feet shuffle sluggishly across the threshold.  I mumble, “Pardon me” as I brush by others.  On that day, I …

The day that will not end
is the day that I enter
Beulah Land
I see Love
face to face.


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