Far More Than Rubies

The diamond, most brilliant and glamorous of gems.
The ruby, yet more rare and more valuable.

The price of wisdom is above rubies, says Job.
The worth of a wife of noble character is far more than rubies, says King Lemuel.

From hardened material are rubies transformed, by pressure and by heat.
In its most natural of forms are rubies abrasive, grinding away like an emery board.

On the breastplate of the priest of The Tabernacle, the ruby rested.
In the confidence of her husband, the virtuous wife will stand.

The ruby has the first place in color, beauty and rank among gems.
The noble wife has the first place in love, honor and respect with her husband.

The ruby is the epitome of the boldest of colors: the gem of desire, passion, confidence and emotion.
The noble wife is the epitome of Love: a gem of strength, dignity, charity and diligence.


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